Tribute to short films–A selection by me

The definitions are all very sketchy and so far moviemakers around the globe only agree upon the fact a short film is anything that isn’t long enough to be considered a feature film. How ever for most people it is any movie shorter than 40 minutes. Styles, genre and artistic variations don’t come in to play. So you might think it is an animated movie, commercial, music video, documentary or just a video entry on an personal blog you’re watching but in fact it’s a short movie. So please bare this in mind when scrolling and viewing this selection. I have been a critic of films for so many years that I too dread the mainstream, the mass produced American inspired or created blockbusters, but not for so long that I have forgotten my love for the stories. For me it is always a thrill when a short movie masters everything I hold dear. From the clear structure over the usage of simple but effective effects to when silent conversations or unspoken words fill the soundtrack in such a way you wish all movies were made like this. Sometimes it is just magic, the crazy ideas or the one pure brilliant idea that makes all the difference. So if you never been attending movie festivals dedicated short films, or seen anything but drunken teenagers on YouTube this collection is for you.

By Thor Kristjan Kidmose.

Ps loads of great short film cans not be shared on a blog others cannot be found online. Due to anything, from copyright registrations to pure misunderstandingof the point behind sharing. Foto copyright Forbrugermania.

NOTHING SPECIAL - Short Film from Helena Brooks on Vimeo.

"Side Effected" Short Film from Lev Pakman on Vimeo.

Edmond was a donkey from Franck Dion on Vimeo.

Prospect (Short Film) from Shep Films on Vimeo.

The Strange Death of Harry Stanley from Jeremiah Quinn on Vimeo.

The Laundromat | Short Film from Timothy Melville on Vimeo.

PLAY HOUSE - A short film by Brandon LaGanke from GHOST+COW FILMS on Vimeo.

Girl and Robot from Animwork on Youtube.

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